6 Beautiful Irish Redheads that you simply stare at

When it comes to redheads, they are truly stunning. With the rarest hair colour on earth, they’re also super unique, which makes them even more desirable. Who wouldn’t want to date a beautiful redhead? Some countries in Europe are famous for having a high percentage of people with red hair. For example, Ireland has around 10% of the population with red hair. And, they’re also well known for their beauty! We think they’re among some of the most stunning people on earth. Here are six beautiful Irish redheads that we think will take your breath away!

Red hair girl

1: Natural is sometimes best!

How stunning is this girl with her beautiful natural red hair and brown eyes? She’s gone for a natural look which suits her so well. And, she’s even complimented the whole look with a floral dress in a dark green tone. They say that redheads look great in green for a reason! What do you think of this stunning girl and her natural, pretty look?

2. Fabulous Freckles

We adore this girl! Her gorgeous freckles look amazing with her stunning hair. When it comes to beautiful Irish redheads, we don’t think that it gets much better than this! But what do you think? Do you love her freckles as much as us? Or do you prefer a look without them? The beauty of redheads is that they all have a unique look, so there really is something for everyone to love, no matter what their preferences may be. Beautiful Irish Redheads

3. Warm and Cosy

Red hair Irish

We think that this girl looks stunning with her auburn hair! And, her piercing eyes seem to have so many colours in them, giving her a super unique look that we LOVE! In fact, her whole look just reminds us of a cosy winter day, and who wouldn’t want an Irish redhead to curl up with when it’s cold? So, who has been your favourite of our beautiful Irish redheads so far?

4. Pretty and Unique!

Wow- this girl’s thick red hair is truly beautiful! And, her face is equally as gorgeous. So, overall we love her look! Her unique patterned shirt brings the whole look together, but what do you think? Do you love her look? Or are you not 100% sure that it’s for you? Well, whatever you’re into, there’s sure to be a gorgeous ginger-haired lady out there for you.

5. Model Perfect

This girl looks amazing with this professional-style headshot. Her beautiful blue eyes and red hair combination is truly stunning. And, it shows that models don’t just have to have the traditional look. In fact, it’s good to mix it up and showcase all different hair colours, like these beautiful red Irish locks! What’s not to love?

6. Stunning eyes

Here is our final lady in our roundup of beautiful Irish redheads. And, this girl’s amazing blue eyes really stand out and make her look stunning! And, she’s another girl who knows how good gingers look in green, she can really pull it off! We think that she’s truly stunning, but what’s your opinion? Have we saved the best for last, or do you prefer one of the other ladies in this article? When it comes to redheads, everyone loves something different. And with so many stunning Irish redheads out there, why not?

Beautiful Irish Redheads facts

Have these girls convinced you that you need to visit Ireland yet? If you’d like to get to know more Irish redheads girls, we wouldn’t blame you. They’re definitely some of the most stunning women on the planet. Want to know more about them and their unique hair colour? Here are some facts about Irish redheads, and those with red hair in general, that you can use to impress those ladies that you’re dreaming about…

  • Red hair is the rarest hair colour on earth! Roughly only 2% of the world’s population is blessed with these amazing locks. Who wouldn’t want to date someone so beautiful, unusual, and rare!
  • It may be the rarest hair colour in the world, but it’s more common in some countries than others. For example, around 10% of the population of Ireland are beautiful Irish redheads! What’s not to like? If you’re after your perfect redhead partner, you’ll probably have your best chance at luck in Ireland or perhaps Scotland, where 13% of the population are blessed with ginger locks.
  • It’s a very rare trait, but it can occur in any ethnicity, making for beautiful ginger people the world over! Having said this, it is most common in people with northern or eastern European ethnicity, such as Ireland.
  • Redheads who have blue eyes are incredibly rare! In fact, this is the rarest colour combination of eyes and hair. Most ginger people have brown eyes, closely followed by green or hazel eyes. So, if you’re a blue-eyed redhead, you’re even more unique than the rest! We think that some of the most beautiful Irish redheads are also blessed with this striking eye colour.
  • It’s harder to dye ginger hair than any other colour! This is because it holds on to its pigment harder than other hair colours. We think that this is a good thing- who would want to get rid of their stunning natural red hair? We think gingers should say no to hair dye!

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