7 Reasons that Ginger Guys are the best kind of guys to date

How do you feel about ginger men? If you’ve got a thing for men with red hair, you’ve got great taste. They make amazing lovers for so many reasons. Have you ever dated one before? If not, now may be the time! Want to see some smoking hot photos of ginger men that are sure to take your fancy? Keep on reading for our top picks! We don’t think that you’ll be able to pick a favourite out of these ginger guys

They’re rare

Firstly, did you know that ginger hair is rarest hair colour in the world? Only around 2% (or even less!) of the world’s population has this hair colour. This means that only around 0.5-1% of men have this hair colour! So, if you’re looking for a man with a unique look, go for a ginger! Each one has a different look, with so many different shades of ginger hair out there. There’s sure to be one for you!

They’re compassionate

Most gingers have probably been subjected to a few taunts about their hair colour. As a result, they’re more likely to be compassionate and empathetic towards others. They know what it’s like to be on the receiving end! So, if you’re looking for a man who will listen to you and take care of you, you can’t go wrong with a ginger!

Sexy accents

Ginger guys are more likely to have super-sexy accents. This is because European countries with attractive accents, such as Scotland and Ireland, have higher percentages of men with ginger hair. And what could be better than a gorgeous red-haired man with an equally gorgeous accent to match? There’s probably nothing more irresistible…

They are born leaders

It’s widely considered that men with red hair are natural born leaders. In fact, several leaders throughout history are famous for their red hair, including John F Kennedy and Prince Harry. Are you looking for a man who is not afraid to take charge and sweep you off your feet? Or a strong-willed guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it? Well, you should consider dating a ginger man, as they will probably have these qualities and more.

Ginger Man

Their eyes

It’s not hard to fall for a guy who has stunning and irresistible eyes. And with ginger men, their luscious locks compliment every eye colour. What’s your favourite? Blue eyes, green eyes, or brown eyes? Whatever you love, you’re sure to love it even more on a ginger guy! The rarest are gingers with blue eyes. In fact this is the rarest hair and eye colour combination in the world. So, if you can get yourself a man with this hair and eye colour, you’re super lucky!

Their dress sense

Ever noticed how ginger guys always seem to dress well? It’s a well-known fact that they always seem to have a great dress sense that goes together perfectly with their unique hair. They look particularly sexy in flannel shirts, to channel the lumberjack look that’s popular with women all over the world. But, they look great in everything and their hair looks amazing with so many colours, in particular green and blue!

They have more sex

Now this is a fact that all the ginger guys out there have been waiting for! People with red hair have more sex according to a German researcher. It’s thought that this is because their red locks make them seem more attractive to the opposite sex. So they have more sex than their blonde and brunette counterparts, both in and out of a relationship. Who could say no to that?

More Ginger Facts

Are you convinced about the pleasures of dating a ginger man yet? If not, you really should be! Their unique hair colour makes them stand out from the crowd and look hot every day. Want to learn more facts about ginger men and their hair colour to impress your redheaded date? We’ve put together all the facts you could ever need, keep on reading…

  • Red hair is a very rare trait, but it can occur in any ethnicity, making for beautiful redheaded people the world over! So wherever you are in the world there is a chance of you finding your perfect ginger guy. Having said this, it is most common in people with northern or eastern European ethnicity.
  • Around 13% of the population of Scotland has naturally red hair, followed by Ireland with about 10%. That means that around 6.5% of Scottish men have this fiery hot hair colour. So, if you’re looking for your perfect Scottish redhead, you should sign up to our redhead dating site because we have profiles from all over the UK, including Scotland and Ireland!
  • It’s harder to dye red hair than any other colour! This is because it holds on to its pigment harder than other hair colours. We think that this is a good thing- who would want to get rid of their stunning natural red hair, especially hot ginger guys? We think redheads should say no to hair dye!
  • Redheads who have blue eyes are incredibly rare! In fact, this is the rarest colour combination of eyes and hair. Most redhead men have brown eyes, closely followed by green or hazel eyes. So, if you’re a blue-eyed redhead, you’re even more unique than the rest! But, we think gingers look hot with any eye colour, they really can pull off anything.
  • People who have naturally red hair are more likely to be left-handed! So, it’s not just their red hair that makes them unique. This is because recessive traits, such as red hair and left-handedness often come in pairs, meaning it’s more common for them to occur together. So, ginge people are truly some of the rarest people on the planet. It just makes them even sexier!
  • Did you know that ginger people tend to need about 20% more anaesthetic than people with other hair colours to have the same effect? Nobody is quite sure why this is the case, but it just goes to show how unique and air ginger people truly are! If you’re looking for a sexy and strong man, dating a ginger guy is probably the one for you.

Where to find Ginger Guys to date?

Ginger Guys

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